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All our courses are suitable for beginners.

We offer a friendly and supportive space for creative play and exploration.

Gain hands on experience creating your own prints with guidance from a skilled tutor.


4 Thursdays, Nov 3rd to 24th, 6-8pm (£100)

Play, print and experiment with type forms, no experience of typography is needed. Use and combine woodblock type, rub down letters, stencils, rubber stamp letterforms, typography collaged from newspapers/magazines and hand drawn letters, the possibilities are endless! Taught by David Daniels. Book Letterpress Play here.


Thursday 1st Dec, 6-9pm (£35)

Monotype is a great technique for beginners wishing to learn the principles of how to print. It produces a unique image that is drawn and wiped by hand and allows for beautifully fluid and expressive marks. Taught by Jonti Allison-Epps. Book Monotype here.


2 days, 25th and 26th Nov, 1-5pm (£80)

Learn how to create texture using soft ground, line work using hard ground, and tone using aquatint. We'll be etching the plates in a safer alternative to traditional acid. The plate can be repeatedly printed on paper using our etching press, so you will be able to make a small edition of prints. Taught by Jonti Allinson-Epps. Book Zinc Plate Etching here.


Saturday 26th November 5-7.30pm (£30)

Create prints by placing objects onto paper coated with cyanotype solution. Once exposed to UV light, all uncovered areas will turn blue, creating gorgeous x-ray-like prints. This will be a relaxed and explorative workshop mostly held in red lighting since cyanotype is light sensitive. Taught by Ella Chedburn.

Book Cyanotype here.


Friday 4th Nov, 1-4pm (£35)

Drypoint is literally drawing with a dry point; scratching lines that hold ink into the perspex sheet. This will make a plate that allows you to reproduce an image multiple times. Perfect for beginners to printmaking who are interested in line drawings. It is basically etching without acid! Book Drypoint Etching here.


2 Fridays 4th and 16th Nov, 1-5pm (£80)

Learn to draw and paint directly onto slabs of limestone and print your image as a small edition. The course will cover preparation of the litho stone, designing and making an image with lithographic materials, chemistry of stone lithography, and how to edition. 

Book Stone Lithography here.


4 Wednesdays 2-4pm - 16th, 23rd, 30th Nov + 7th Dec. (£100)

Carve a drawing into a sheet of linoleum then print it using a press. Starting with a photograph, found image or sketch, learn how to translate this into a linocut using the best techniques to produce a stronng printable block which you can refine or add colour(s). Book Lino Printing Here


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