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2 Sundays 10-4, Nov 28th & December 5th (£100)

Collagraph allows a deep exploration of textures and effects. In the course you will learn to make an intaglio/relief plate from found objects. These plates can then be printed on our Bewick Wilson etching press to create an edition of detailed and lusciously textured images. 


2 Sundays 10-4, Nov 7th & 14th (£100)

You will learn how to draw and paint onto a zinc lithographic plate and process it to produce an edition in two colours. It has the same beauty and effects as on stone but without the need to grind or carry stones around!



Aquatint is a way to add tone and depth to an image on an etching plate. Learn how to prepare copper or zinc plates for etching in ferric chloride. Create linear work in hard ground etching then add tone and depth through the aquatint process using a rosin aquatint box. Print your own edition using our Bewick Wilson press.



A relief printing technique where ink is rolled onto the surface of a sheet of lino before printing. You carve away areas you don't want to print into each layer, and design the image to be printed in 3 or 4 colours. A beautifully direct and simple technique that is a particularly excellent introduction to printmaking. 



An alternative photography technique that allows digital photographs or imagery to be printed by hand. It produces an aged look that is primarily in one colour but two colour toning will be part of the course. 


Our in-depth courses are designed for you to build a well-rounded knowledge of a technique. Suitable for all skill levels including total beginners. They run every Friday for ten weeks.


10 Fridays 1.30-4pm, Oct 8th - Dec 10th (£199)

Lithography is a commercial print process that has developed from its origins of printing from slabs of limestone in the late 18th century to photographic lithography that is used commercially to this day.

In this course you will learn to draw and paint directly onto slabs of limestone and print your image as a small edition. The course will cover preparation of the litho stone, designing and making an image with lithographic materials, chemistry of stone lithography and how to edition. You will also be introduced to lithographic printing from zinc plates and photographic plates during the course to reinforce the enduring beauty of this fine art technique.

Suitable for beginners and intermediate, will require good physical health to prepare stones and operate press.


10 Fridays 10.30am-12.30, Oct 8 - Dec 10th (£199)

Learn how to produce etchings in various techniques, ranging from drypoint etching on perspex sheets to full aquatint printing on copper plates. Create linear works through drypoint and hard ground etching, add tone and depth using aquatint etching techniques, and explore the textural effects of soft ground etching. You will complete several small editions. Suitable for beginners and intermediate.


2 days, 24th & 25th Nov, 10-4pm (£100)

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